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why you need a maternity belt

Relieve from back pain.


It is no secret that your lower back really does suffer when it comes to pregnancy. In fact, lower back pain is one of the main complaints that pregnant women have, right from the first trimester. That said, it is the final trimester when you really are going to feel the pressure.Wearing a maternity support belt means that you are compressing this area and not only are you providing some support to your tired muscles, but you are also going to have help to carry that additional weight around.
  • Round Ligament Pain
Some women may find that they develop round ligament pain during the second trimester of their pregnancy. They may describe this as being a dull ache, or they may feel a sharp pain. This is located on the front of the hip as well as just below the belly.
Round ligament pain occurs because there is extra pressure put on the ligaments in this area due to the growing uterus. Whilst it may be temporary, it can be incredibly painful at times. Thankfully, a support belt can relieve the pain and the pressure too.
  • Sciatica Pain
Another common complaint during pregnancy is SI joint pain or Sacroiliac Joint Pain. Sciatica pain is something that can really cause you huge amounts of pain and discomfort.
This not only can this last throughout your entire pregnancy, but also longer term into post-partum and many years after that.
During pregnancy your body releases a chemical known as relaxin, which is a hormone which causes your hip joint to become loose and less stable.
This can be excruciating and can spread not only across the lower back, but to the tailbone too. Both of which you can find a support band will help with.
  • Relieve from Pelvic gridle pain
is a common complaint during pregnancy as is SPD or Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. This is where the ligaments within your pelvis soften, causing you to feel discomfort and even pain during pregnancy.
A belt is pulled around your hips and your pelvis and it will provide some stabilisation to your pelvis, which will help you to move around with as minimal levels of pain as possible.